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Business oriented boutique law firm located in Bucharest.


Voloaga Law Firm is a boutique law practice specializing in civil and commercial law, founded in 2014 by attorney-at-law Radu Voloaga. Our main focus is on the quality of the legal services we provide. We strive to offer outstanding services to our clients and we are willing to sacrifice opportunities for rapid expansion to maintain the quality of our work.

We take great pride in providing cost-effective services and coming up with custom-made solutions to the legal issues faced by small and medium-sized businesses and private persons. We are solution oriented and use our experience and imagination to genuinely solve the client's legal problems. At Voloaga Law Office, the emphasis is not on the quantity of our work or billing long hours, but on coming up with the most effective strategy for each case we work on. And our clients' testimonials speak for themselves.

Our excellent track record in litigation stands to prove we posses the skills required to act for our clients in high exposure and difficult cases, and ensures we have the experience to provide effective legal advice in our client’s day-to-day business. In our litigation work, we rely not only on our strong command of the Romanian legal system, but also on our familiarity with the inconsistent practice of the national courts. This in-depth knowledge allows us to offer pragmatic and effective advice, which translates into employing a winning strategy in court or drafting a contract that will keep our clients out of the courtroom.

Our clients are private persons and small to medium sized companies, all in the private sector. We have fostered strong relations with our clients, and we are always there for advice even after a case is settled. We do not work for the Romanian State and/or State owned companies. This is just not that kind of law practice.



Our values are part of our DNA. They describe how and why we conduct our business and what distinguish us from other service providers. They are the foundation of our work. For every difficult decision we face, we turn to our values. For recruiting every new member of our team, for every new collaboration, we turn to our values. This is what defines us.


Regardless of the popularity of our views or their impact on our fees, we will tell you the truth as we see it. We maintain an independent overview and do not shy away from disagreeing with our clients in order to identify the real issues and identify a practical and effective solution.


We deliver on our commitments, we stand firmly for what we believe in, we are resilient and trustworthy. We put our client's interests ahead of our own. This means we deliver more value than expected. It doesn't mean that we do whatever the client asks.


We are committed to our clients' success. We employ our legal knowledge in the service of our clients in the most cost effective way. We know that our success depends on the success of our clients. That is why we are focused on outcomes and strive to be the first in everything we do.



Commercial Matters

Shareholder disputes

We specialize in shareholder disputes and corporate diputes under Companies’ Law (e.g. cancellation and suspension of shareholders' decisions, disputes pertaining to the management and liability of managers, exclusion of shareholders, etc.)
As a complement to our litigation experience, we have extensive practice in corporate law, having assisted our clients in all aspects of their business, from incorporation to changing the structure of their company. To this end, we provide everything from drafting the documents to representation in front of Trade Registry and in the Shareholders Meetings.


With the impact of the global financial crisis, and enhanced by the indulgence of the Romanian Insolvency Act, the last years brought a boom in insolvency proceedings. From our position of commercial lawyers, we have witnessed companies giving in to financial difficulties, as well as other numerous companies using insolvency as a means to circumvent their financial obligations to business partners or the state. After years of experience in this field, we are well prepared to protect your interests in the insolvency proceedings, whether you are a debtor or a creditor.

Large debt recovery

We have an extensive and proven expertise in large debt recovery. We have a track record of surprising our clients who present us with "unrecoverable" debt and we are renowned for our ingenious and inventive approaches to debt collection. In this field the end the result is all that matters and our results are our best recommendation.

Civil Matters

Real estate litigation

We have thorough expertise with regard to real estate litigation. We have successfully acted in restitution claims for properties seized by the communist regime. We are also involved in the administrative procedures govern by the restitution laws (e.g Law 10/2001). We provide representation in front of the Romanian Authorities, including the National Authority for the Restitution of the Properties. We have successfully represented our clients in cases pertaining to annulment or termination of real estate contracts.

Unfair terms

We have unparalleled knowledge and experience acting for consumers in disputes pertaining to abusive clauses in loan agreements. We take great pride in having won every case without setting foot in a courtroom. Up to now we have been successful in 100% of the cases in recovery of the entire amounts cashed illegitimately by the banks from the consumers within the pretrial negotiation procedures, without the need for costly and time-consuming trials.


We provide representation in front of the European Court of Human Rights for human rights violations. Our field of expertise consists of assisting clients who had their real estate illegally seized by the state during the communist regime and the national courts refused to restitute the assets. We take pride in having obtained one of the top ten largest compensations ever granted by the ECHR (EUR 170,000).

Other matters

Other practice areas we are active in are labor disputes, administrative and fiscal litigations, challenges on enforcement etc.



We are located in the Center of Bucharest, near everything that matters. You can easily find us on Google Maps by searching "Voloaga".

Phone: + 40 740 205 612

Fax: + 40 021 210 6566


Str. Alexandru Philippide nr. 14A Sector 2, Bucuresti